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Highpoint Lawn Service

Producing the Utica area’s most beautiful lawns since 1979…

Rejuvenate Your Grass by Overseeding

Overseeding is as simple as it sounds, yet it can mean the difference between dry, crabby grass and a vibrant lawn. Too many homeowners overlook the importance of overseeding. Without new seed to rejuvenate your lawn, your grass will grow old, tired and thin, causing weeds and turf to ravage your lawn.

Lawn Aeration Service Akron

The older your grass is, the slower it reproduces itself. Overseeding makes your lawn grow thicker and healthier, choking out weeds and diseased grass with new seed. Overseeding is an essential part of any effective lawn service. Enjoy a fresh lawn by seeding frequently.

Overseeding with special pest resistant grass varieties can restore lawns thinned and weakened from a hot summer or drought. The thousands of holes in your lawn from core aeration are ideal seedbeds and protect the grass seed germination, ensuring survival.

The Highpoint Lawn Service custom seed mix offers your lawn improved varieties, giving your lawn the recuperation it needs. These grasses enhance insect and disease resistance, defending your lawn against pests.

Overseeding is a simple but important part of any effective lawn care program. Our custom seed mixes will give your lawn a healthy thickness with the perfect blend of variety and freshness your lawn deserves. Let our local, professional lawn service help you decide which grasses are right for you.

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