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Highpoint Lawn Service

Producing the Youngstown area’s most beautiful lawns since 1979…

Expert Youngstown area lawn care

Become the envy of your neighborhood with a lush, thick lawn. Locally owned, we’re practically your neighbors. We know the unique problems and weather patterns for your lawn, and we can tailor a lawn treatment program that’s just right for you. When making a smart investment in a thick, healthy lawn, you don’t want an off-the-shelf spray everyone with the same liquid service. You want an expert who's familiar with both you and your lawn. Our employees aren’t transient. They treat the same lawns year after year, getting to know your lawn as if it were their own. Through target weed control, we constantly modify the treatment of your lawn, customized to what we see happening. We put the customer first.

We guarantee our results and your satisfaction.

Owning a thick, healthy lawn has never been easier. We offer affordable results backed by money-back guarantees, so you can display a healthy lawn your proud of without breaking your wallet. Your lawn will be cared for professionally and it’s guaranteed. Call our lawn service and speak to an expert. Help us give you the vibrant lawn you and your family deserve.

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Highpoint Lawn Service

182 Victoria Road
Austintown, Ohio 44515
Call (330) 797-6300

Highpoint loves its Youngstown customers.

Great & caring employees Great & caring employees

Local ownership Local ownership

No unwanted phone calls No unwanted phone calls

Guaranteed results Guaranteed results

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The #1 Lawn Treatment Service in Youngstown!

If you’re looking for the best lawn treatment service in Youngstown, Highpoint Lawn Service grass care company provides a full range of lawn care services. For the best grass - lawn maintenance in Youngstown Ohio, choose Highpoint Lawn Service for all your lawn care needs.

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