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Highpoint Lawn Service

Producing the Youngstown area’s most beautiful lawns since 1979…

The Highpoint Program description

At Highpoint Lawn Service, we use only the best quality products on your lawn, combined with an individualized lawn treatment program specialized to meet your needs. Our employees aren’t seasonal or transient but here for a career. They take great care and pride in your lawn, working on it year after year, knowing what it needs to be healthy.

Our lawn treatment program includes treatments of custom blended fertilizers featuring dry, granular, slow release products. It’s a more natural approach that provides a slow release into the soil, breaking down over time. The slow release gives your lawn the nutrients it needs to be thick and healthy. Our fertilizers provide a natural feeding to the plant roots, allowing the grass to grow lush, slow and robust, like on the finest golf courses.

Our custom blended, dry fertilizer gives your lawn the nutrients it needs, when it needs it.

Our custom blended, dry fertilizer gives your lawn the nutrients it needs, when it needs it. Hudson

We believe in an environmentally sound approach to target weed control. We don’t believe in generic, all over weed control. Our program involves constantly modifying the treatment of your lawn based on what we see is happening.

At Highpoint Lawn Service, customized, personalized customer service is our bottom line.

Our professional care, combined with a friendly, personal approach, will bring out the best in your lawn. Our quality products and lawn service will give your lawn the character to carry through the dryness of summer.

Our program guarantees results.

Follow our simple instructions and a healthy, lush lawn will be yours backed with a money-back guarantee. We specialize in healthy lawns that are more bug and pest resistant. You’ll be proud of your beautiful new lawn. We guarantee it.

Core Aeration

Core aeration increases the penetration of air, water and nutrients into the roots of your lawn, stimulating new root development, inviting a thicker turf. Core aeration encourages your lawn’s appetite, leading to a robust and healthy lawn. By opening up passage ways of water and air to the root system, core aeration enables your lawn to get the nutrients and water that it needs to stay healthy throughout the growing season. It’s an essential part of any lawn treatment, ensuring a beautiful lawn that the entire neighborhood can enjoy.

Not only will core aeration bring out the essential beauty in your lawn, it’s good at relieving diseases too. Core aeration affects the soil compaction by increasing the decomposition of thatch, reducing habitats for insects and diseases. It works by removing cores of soil and thatch, allowing your lawn to better breathe and absorb the water it needs to be healthy. This encourages conditions that favor microorganisms that can naturally breakdown accumulated thatch.

Core aeration is an ideal method in preparing your lawn for overseeding. Your grass can tire from years of wear, so overseeding becomes necessary to keep your lawn young and healthy. By opening the soil through core aeration, you give new grass a chance to seed and grow, keeping your lawn fresh and green throughout the year. Opening small holes in the soil, core aeration breaks up your soil, increasing its circulation as it grows healthy and thrives.

Spring or fall are the best times of year for core aeration, when the lawn is still actively growing and the soil’s still moist. Your Highpoint Lawn Service Representative can discuss an ideal time to schedule core aeration for your lawn. Call us today. We’ll be happy to help you choose the time that is optimal for your lawn, enabling your lawn.

Rejuvenate Your Grass by Overseeding.

Overseeding is as simple as it sounds, yet it can mean the difference between dry, crabby grass and a vibrant lawn. Too many homeowners overlook the importance of overseeding. Without new seed to rejuvenate your lawn, your grass will grow old, tired and thin, causing weeds and turf to ravage your lawn.

The older your grass is, the slower it reproduces itself. Overseeding makes your lawn grow thicker and healthier, choking out weeds and diseased grass with new seed. Overseeding is an essential part of any effective lawn service. Enjoy a fresh lawn by seeding frequently.

Overseeding with special pest resistant grass varieties can restore lawns thinned and weakened from a hot summer or drought. The thousands of holes in your lawn from core aeration are ideal seedbeds and protect the grass seed germination, ensuring survival.

The Highpoint Lawn Service custom seed mix offers your lawn improved varieties, giving your lawn the recuperation it needs. These grasses enhance insect and disease resistance, defending your lawn against pests.

Overseeding is a simple but important part of any effective lawn care program. Our custom seed mixes will give your lawn a healthy thickness with the perfect blend of variety and freshness your lawn deserves. Let our local, professional lawn service help you decide which grasses are right for you.

Benefits of a Healthier Green

Our custom blended, dry fertilizer gives your lawn the nutrients it needs, when it needs it. Stow

Most homeowners seek a healthy green lawn for its visual beauty, recreational benefits, and to enhance the value of their residence. Fewer people are aware of a lawn's beneficial impact on the natural environment. For instance, grass cleans the air of pollutants by capturing and breaking down airborne soot, dust, and industrial emissions. Healthy thick turf protects ground water from contamination by retaining and bio-degrading pollutants before they seep into the soil.

We practice the principles called "Integrated Pest Management," or "I.P.M," which was first suggested for farming by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and is endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). I.P.M. involves two basic rules:

1. Use non-chemical methods and improved cultural maintenance practices to fight weeds, insects, and diseases wherever possible.

2. Use pesticides only as a last resort and only when the need for them has been determined in advance through analysis and understanding of local growing conditions.

Over the past several decades, we have practiced the principles of Targeted Pest Control, developing ways to adapt them to lawn care. Having seen the results, we hope that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a healthier green lawn, and a healthier environment at the same time.

Rules: Simple I.P.M. Applied to Lawn Care

Our custom blended, dry fertilizer gives your lawn the nutrients it needs, when it needs it. Akron Ohio

Applying Simple I.P.M. to lawn care means following a few simple principles:

Make Your Lawn Healthy

The best way to fight weeds and insects is by making the lawn healthy enough to resist these problems naturally without the ongoing dependency of pesticide use.

Analyze Needs First

Do not apply any substances without determining the need in advance. Understanding plant physiology and pest life cycles are very important for successful control of pests.

Choose The Right Products

Make sure the products you apply are EPA registered, appropriate for the problems you've identified, and as safe as possible for the environment.

Control the Amounts

When fertilizers or pesticides are needed, determine the required amounts and apply them accurately according to label directions, so that unnecessary use is avoided.

Target the Application

Apply substances only to the areas require them, avoiding unnecessary applications in healthy areas.

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Referral Coupon

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